Experience healing on a cellular level!

Current published research in the Journal of AMA, Journal of Immunology, New England Journal of Medicine, Lancet, Nature, and proceedings from the National Academy of Sciences and Urology, shows the dynamics of Photon Technology is boosting  to communication with the cells while activating Arginine in the body to create Nitric Oxide benefitting in skin problems, stomach problems, heartburn, hemorrhoids, diabetes, asthma, inflammation and swelling, gout, rheumatism, abnormal nerve function, bronchitis, arthritis, high blood pressure, reducing cholesterol, balancing emotions, gaining strength, weight loss, improves cellulite, cancer, and much more. 



“Photon Genius sessions are like exercising without exercising. A Photon Genius session encourages the body's own production of nitric oxide (NO). Nitric oxide is importantly considered a miracle molecule. It is proven to help prevent and reverse heart disease. Dr. Louis Ignarro won a Nobel Prize for his work with Nitric Oxide and wrote the book: NO More Heart Disease.

Nitric oxide (NO), the "miracle molecule" helps preserve and improve the elasticity of all the vessels in the body, because it is a "signaling molecule" that tells the blood vessels to increase in width or dilate. This has significant implications, because optimal blood circulation is a key factor in virtually all health issues, including Heart Disease, Alzheimer's, Diabetes, Cancer, Obesity, Arthritis, Anti-Aging, etc.”  ~
Skilling Institute

“Photon Genius client shares how grateful she is to Ed Skilling and his instrument, the Photon Genius. The Photon Genius is easy to use and helps the body to dynamically detoxify and balance naturally without harmful side effects. The Photon Genius is a conditioning tool that helps the body to get in better shape from head to toe from the inside out.”

Our mission….


Recognize, respect, and promote the self-healing power of nature inherent in each individual by supporting essential immunity system health.  Provide tools with the most effective health benefits available with no or very little risk.  Educate on the means to possibly remove the causes of illness, in addition to naturally reducing and/or eliminating symptoms.  Require self-responsibility for individual health of every member.  Emphasize the condition of good health for the individual to promote overall well-being and to help prevent diseases and illness.  Support the body as a whole.

This information is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended to replace or substitute the advice and/or services of a physician or other health care professional. It is not our intention to prescribe or make specific health claims for any of our technologies or products. Any attempt to diagnose and treat illness should come under the direction and supervision of your health care practitioner.

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This may be the answer for your healing. It was for me and many other people! It is safe for any member of your family, even your pets.


We are the only location in the Temecula Valley & Inland Empire to proudly offer ElectroMedicine Photon Therapy sessions with the Photon      Genius and Photon Genie™.


Energize, balance & revitalize cells, boost the immune system, improve your mood with proven electromagnetic, light and heat therapies. 



Photobiotic Light Energy

Rebuild collagen, reduce cellulite, remove toxins for brighter, healthier skin.  Clear up acne & other skin irritations & conditions. 


Improve muscle tone, relieve pain, burn up to 700 calories per session, reduce fat & cellulite, improve circulation.  Learn why nutrition is vital to good health.


Reduce cancer cells in the body, increase health of lymph, circulatory & respiratory system.  Kill harmful bacteria & viruses with no adverse effects. 




Published Research

“As another example of a top natural medicine protocol, the Photon Protocol, which uses one or both of the two Photon devices (the Photon Genius or Photon Genie), deals with the ‘root cause’ of cancer.“ ~ cancertutor.com

Photon Therapy is a complimentary therapy, which means it can be used along with traditional treatments.



We are currently not offering therapy sessions during our relocation. Please check back for updates.

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